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Ground Operations

What is it?

In line with the EU OPS the company structure shows beside the Accountable Manager four "Nominated Postholders".

  • Flight Operations
  • Training
  • Maintenance
  • Ground Operation

This system is valid for any AOC Holder, from a one single engine aircraft sightseeing operator to an international long range scheduled operator with hundreds of aircraft.

It is obvious that such a structure is very cost intensive, especially for smaller operators.


The Nominated Post Holder Ground Operations has the overall responsibility for all ground activities (terminal and apron) of the operator. Beside the need for a safe operation, the compliance with the authority rules and regulations is a central task.

The EASA counts an outsourced job, now accomplished by a service provider, to be handled in the same way, as own staff would be involved. This requires a string documented system, a baseline of contracts, a quality system, able to verify compliance, quality and service level. Beside this, a Sagety Management System (SMS) must be developed and maintained.


The Nominated Post Holder Ground operations should organize this needs via one central document: The GOM, consisting of several different single documents:

  • Scheduled, Charter and Special operation
  • Aircraft Handling, Technical Ground Support & De-Icing/ Anti-Icing
  • Cargo & Catering
  • Safety & Security
  • etc.

Several other setups are additionally required to fulfill the requirements:

  • Quality Control & Quality Assurance
  • Contract Management
  • Safety Management System

How to make it for you

Sometimes, smaller operators have no proper person (EASA Form 4 approval required) or do not want to have all costs related with a full employment, but: The job must be done !

We are doing it for you.

Beside the development of the GOM, we handle audits for you, prepare contracts with service providers to best conditions, care for the contact with the authorities and take responsibilities for the fulfillment of rules and regulations.

Our standardized program, which is accepted by a lot of local authorities and has passed several times IATA IOSA and ISAGO qualification, is ready for you.

Your Profit

What is your profit using our service ?

Reduced costs: you only pay for what you need having a full support

A competent partner, being able to bring solutions from other experience sources.

Development of all documentation, based on existing manuals already approved and special developments available to fit your needs.

Being a member of a kind of "pool", receiving information quick and reliable.


With the changes in the aviation business, especially with the establishment of the EASA, the demand for professional ground service support became bi... Read more >>>