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Terminal Services

Sales & Reservation

Longtime experience allows us to provide customer tailored sales and ticketing services for all airlines worldwide.

Out IT-System guarantees compatibility with all hardware and software used by international carriers, bus also includes all safety services (archive, fire safety, etc.) required.

We have specialists for Amadeus, Galileo, Solare, Gabriel and Deltamatic; and can provide experienced staff for other systems within a few days.

Check In to Boarding

From selecting a new check-in system till the optimization of the boarding process, we are able to provide you the required solutions.

Our involvement in such projects in the past, guarantees you a proper solution to handle the passenger flow successfully and economically.

The ground handling process of the passenger decides about the company impression to them. A perfect start is already half the way to succeed.

Authorithy Services

One thing at an airport, you cannot influence in most cases:

Tasks handled by the government (e.g. immigration service, customs, security checks, etc.).

But even in this difficult area we can show you improved solutions. We will work with you and the local authority representatives to setup improvements, releasing capacities for both of you and allowing a more stress-free passengers flow.

Handicap & UM

When we talk about handicapped passengers, most people think about paralyzed ones in a wheel chair. But what is with blind or deaf people. Based on international studies and our long time experience, we have developed for each individual handicap category a tailor-made program.

The same is valid for UM. Not every UM is the same and has to be treated in the same way. Cultural and religious awareness is required as well as how to reduce the fear to be alone.

We know the concept!


You have a frequent flyer program and operate a series of lounges for your most valued passenger comfort?

Is the space enough, does the food and beverage service fit to the local requirements in respect to culture, religion and political correctness ?

Being involved in such projects, but also, as frequent flyers, knowing the situation from the customer side of view, we provide you ideas from capacity planning till entertainment solutions.

VIP Services

If you handle Hollywood stars, highest level economic tycoons, representatives of the state and so on, all the way you treat these passengers must be special.

The VIP Service starts and ends not at the airport, it lasts much longer.

From a perfectly planned catering, the right limousine service till a personalized authority service, all needs to be planned, organized and accomplished to perfection.

VIP passengers are high yield targets and their satisfaction is a mirror of your whole operation.

Let us show you the way to make it!


With the changes in the aviation business, especially with the establishment of the EASA, the demand for professional ground service support became bi... Read more >>>