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Our customers
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Our customers


AeroTech Consulting GmbH wants to provide excellent services to our customers. For this reason, we have signed close cooperations with the following partners:

EFM (Gesellschaft für Enteisen und Flugzeugschleppen am Flughafen München) is one of the largest single airport service providers for aircraft de-icing/anti-icing on the ground and push-back worldwide. With a modern infrastructure, up-to-date equipment, the only fluid production (with recycled glycol) at an airport and long-term experienced staff, they are a leader in the industry. We cooperate to provide first class training, consulting and all-inclusive solutions to airlines, airports, service providers, military and governmental organisations.

Munich Airport Academy is in Europe a leading service provider for all kind of training solutions as well as complete airport relocations. Our cooperation allows the offer of total solutions for customers and partners. Having a world-wide engagement, the company has shown the competence with the relocation of Munich Airport in one night without any traffic interruption in one of the largest airports in Germany.


With the changes in the aviation business, especially with the establishment of the EASA, the demand for professional ground service support became bi... Read more >>>